Re: User Login Problems

Robert Boyle ( )
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 11:04:35 -0500

At 06:45 AM 3/16/97 -0600, Kelly wrote:
>In a attempt to expand our account types by adding catagories to the
"Service Types" , we experience errors by users who try to logon. We have
created several new types:
>PPP - Standard Monthly Price
>PPP99 - Special Monthly Price
>PPP1295 -Special Monthly Price
>PPP1495 - Special Monthly Price
>The only one the will allow users to login successfully is the PPP account

Did you go into Emerald Admin/Radius Config and at least add user-service =
framed-user? I think this is the bare minimum required for Radius to
Authenticate a user.


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