Off Topic - Need advice on NT 2 processor Upgrade

Franco Nogarin ( )
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 17:06:20 -0700

Hi Guys, You all seemed like the best group I could ask for advice from,
here is my situation.

I have an AST Manhattan (With single p90 processor)
Running NT 4.0 sp2
IIS 3.0 w/fp97
SQL 6.5 /Emerald/Radius
Post Office 2.0 (will be beta 3 tomorrow)
and Servu 2.1
I have 64 Megs of ram in here and about 6 gigs of SCSI drives

I want to add a second p90 processor and run NT in 2 processor mode.

I need advice on how to approach this and would appreciate any and all
input before I go nuts. Please email me and tell me what you can/will, I
dont want to clutter the list any more than I have. Please send email to:

Thanks in advance for all your help
Franco Nogarin
The Aurora Network