Re: Anyone using the Microsoft IEAK Signup Sever with Emerald

Josh Perry ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 14:04:17 -0800

I have written such a program that we use with IIS 1.0 on NT 3.51 and our
Netscape server running on top of 3.51 also, but it should work on any
computer and server that supports wincgi. It first asks if they are a new
user and want to make a new account paying by credit card number, or if
they have payed at an office and gotten a userID # and then asks for that
and their password, so that we only need to distribute 1 set of disks, it
then takes user information from multiple web pages, verifies the
information, including checksum and length mask check on the credit card
number and inserts the user and subbaccount into the emerald database with
a 3 day extension and writes to a new user database that is gone through
for billing and checking daily and finally it sends an accept.ins file to
the users MS IE and configures the dial up connection, username and any
other branding dynamicaly. I am currently finished with everything but
field error checking for illegal characters etc, and there are a couple of
navigation issues that I need to finish. and it should be done, If you'd
like more info let me know, I was thikning of distributing it if there was
any interest.

> From: Mark Colasante <>
> To: ''
> Subject: Anyone using the Microsoft IEAK Signup Sever with Emerald
> Date: Sunday, March 09, 1997 9:47 PM
> We are currently thinking about modifying our Internet Signup Server
> running on IIS 3.0 to automatically create the MBR and subaccount
> records in the Emerald/SQL database. This way, when users establish an
> account through our dialup signup server there account is ready to go in
> Emerald. Running a daily new account report could then summarize the
> signup server activity.
> Has anyone tried or considered doing this? Our signup server uses
> Visual C++ code for the cgi processor so I think that integrating the
> data collected and putting it into Emerald's SQL database would be
> feasible. If you have worked in this regard let us know. We'd be
> interested to hear of your experiences.
> Thanks,
> Mark Colasante
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