Re: Error 52 Bad File

Jeff Woods ( )
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 09:50:00 -0500

No such luck. I made these changes, and it didn't work.

This is the built-in Post.Office MTA, not a Linux exporter. Log files
blank or filled in with existing filenames, makes no difference. Emerald
Error 52.

Dale, how about some help on this one? (Even just an "its a bug, wait for

Finally, if this user is correct about the last two fields, then this is
SILLY. Why force each user to have a similar directory structure, by
forcing the config of the log file on a GLOBAL basis? Some might have this
log in C:\Program Files\Emerald, while others might have it in C:\EMERALD.
Some might want to store on local drive D:, others on C:.

At 06:29 PM 3/6/97 -0500, you wrote:

>> >> >Emerald error 52: Bad File Name or Number

>You'll need to configure, in Emerald Administrator, the following. (This
>assumes Emerald 2.0.88 and the latest Emeradmin)
>1. Under the "Config Database" option, select the "External Systems" tab.
>2. Select the specific system that you are exporting to (In my case, I've
> defined one as "Linux Shell/Mail Server".
>3. Make sure that you have "Standard / Export" type configured.
>4. Leave EVERYTHING else blank except for the last two fields
> - WorkDir is actually mislabled, and should be called "export
> file" or something similar. Put "c:\emerald.export" in this
> field and it will write all exports to that file.
> - Logfile is a file that logs the changes and export times
> I believe, and should be configured as something like
> "c:\emerald.logfile".
>That should help you out. This was a weird one for us, but Dale pointed
>out the "quirks" in the naming convention and it fixed it right up.
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