Operator Account Security

Carmine Inteso ( (no email) )
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 17:34:51 -0000

Dale et all,

Several Requests/Questions Today.

1. I need to set up the operator security for Emerald so that specific
operators can use only the incident reporting functions while others
can do billing and accounts administration. I tried limiting the functions
in the EmerAdmin module but am not getting the results I expect.
Please give me a condensed (very) roadmap on how to accomplish this.

2. Will Emerald support the address verification part of the CardServices
PC credit card billing as this is now a requirement or else we pay another
point to them for their great service ;-)

3. Can I set a fixed cost for Annual and Semi-Annual subscriptions instead
of a discount of the monthly charge without setting up a different service
setting the discount to 100.

4. How is the RadiusNT 2.0 coming? We just got a new PM3 and I noted from
the list that subscribers will be able to pay for an analog account but use
an ISDN. :-(

System and Software info:

Intel x86
NT v 3.51 SP5
Emerald v2.0.53
SQL Server v 6.00.121
SQL Security Mode mixed
RadiusNT v1.16.49

Thanks for the time,

Carmine Inteso
Ameri-com Internet Technologies