Emerald Data Extraction

David M. Lay ( dlay@amtelgrp.com )
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 17:37:46 -0700

I am using Emerald 2.0.88 to verify my dialin users. However I want to =
extract the data relevant to each account (i.e. account info, when they =
called in, how long the call lasted, etc...(billing information)) into a =
text file for uploading to an AS400 for billing. I know that Emerald =
can do billing for me but we have a long distance business as well and =
want to be able to bill our clients on a single bill. Has anyone done =
this and if so how? Is there a SQL query that I can get if from someone =
for this? Any help would be appreciated as I am not knowledgeable in =
regards to SQL and I really don't have time to beat the learning curve =
on this.

David M. Lay