Type of invoice?

Erik Lundby ( (no email) )
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 14:50:53 -0600

Dale I have a real need to create an invoice to our billing system for our
hardware and software business. We have a number of corporate clients who
we allow to carry considerable balances and I would like to be able to set
these clients as a type of invoice in which they are automatically marked
paid when I run them and I can generate a report to or just do these
invoices together and have the secretary add the charge to their current
balance. I could have her manually mark the accounts paid, but I would
like to keep these accounts seperate.

Also what reports do you use for tax purposes. And to reconcile the books,
Can I show a report dailly I would like to be able to show what payments
were applied that day and how much tax was applied that day. It would be
most useful if I could show what payments were applied since I last showed
this. This would be great to help emerald work together withour other
accounting program. Is their any help you can give me along these lines?
I need to mannually apply to our other accounting system the amount of
money and tax applied to emerald on a daily basis (or maybe even weekly)
but on an incremental basis. In other words I have two groups Of users I
would like to keep seperat. Would this be billing groups? 1 group I would
mark paid in emerald as soon as I invoice them and apply the charge to the
accounts they hold with us on an individual basis. The other group I would
allow emerald to keep track of and apply the total of there payment
activity (charge and payment), to a single account on the other system for
accounting and tax puroposes. Also, if apply tax manually to one time
charges, how am I supposed to tell after the fact if the service was
taxable (i.e. internet service) or non taxable (i.e. labor) to figure out
my taxes. If I can't manuall looking at every one time charge, that tax
field for one time charges is very important. Also can you do a quantity
field for the charges we set up so we could say charge for 2.5 hours of
router maintenance. All I mean is a by which the charge is multiplied when

Any help is greatly-----appreciated