Emerald Issues Pending

Richard J. Sears ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 17:03:25 -0800

Dale and All,

I still have several issues pending with 2.0.88 I need help with. When I
try to delete ISP under DOMAINS in the config database as well as in
other areas I get the following error and it will not let me delete it:

SQL Server Error: 547 DELETE statement conflicted with COLUMN REFERENCE
constraint 'FK_ServerAcc_Group_0272642E'. The conflict occured in
database 'Emerald', table 'ServerAccess', column 'GroupID' State=2,

When attempting to do a onetime charge that I have created such as setup,
domain registration, I click the button and nothing happens. I doubled
check everything and cannot seem to find any problems It does not add it
to the invoice, nothing :-| . Help :-)

Thanks Again

Richard J. Sears
System Administrator
Web Communications Concepts