Re: Emerald 2.0.88

Mauricio Marquez ( )
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 18:03:18 -0600

At 03:32 PM 02/27/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I just downloaded the file "" which consisted of three files:
Emerald.exe; EmerAdmin.exe; and changes.txt. There were no instructions for
upgrade accomaning the zip file. I assumed that I need to remove the old
files and exchange them for the new files. My previous version of Emerald
was 2.0.53.
>I ran the Emerald Administrator program and it looks great (or at least I
did not find any problems). However when I attempted to run the Emerald
client program I get the following error: "Can't load (or register) custom
control: CIMAIL.OCX".
>What did I not do that I need to do?
>David M. Lay

1. If you have NT 3.51 look for a file called WINT351.EXE on emerald's ftp
site and run it before the installation.

If not, read the changes.txt file.

Could save you a bunch of painful hours.

Wow, my first Emerald I right?