Can't Print Invoices

Carmine Inteso ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 13:06:38 -0000

Dale et all,

Please provide assistance.

We are trying to use the invoice printing function of Emerald to
print our first invoices with this package and are receiving this error

"Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters."

I logged on to Emerald using the sa logon and password.
Selected the invoices tab. Batch button.
Created the invoices with a 3/1/97 date.
Everything seemed to work fine.

Then tried to print using the creation date
of 2/26/97 Type=Renewal and got the error msg.

Additional info on the screen read:
{Invoices.Date}=DATE(1997,2,26) AND {Invoices.Type}='Renewal'

System and Software info:

Intel x86
NT v 3.51 SP5
Emerald v2.0.53
SQL Server v 6.00.121
SQL Security Mode mixed

Carmine Inteso