Re: Random passwords for 2.0.75

RHS Linux User ( )
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 01:23:55 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 7 Feb 1997, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> Will LaSala wrote:
> >
> > Hi all
> > Where in the registry or the Emerald admin do I turn this feature on for
> > emerald.
> Admin, Config Client, Client.

I've got in 2.0.79 (EmerAdmn) 4 fields that could use a bit of
explanation. I'm not sure how to interpret exactly WHAT they do although
I THINK I have an idea..

1. Encrypt Passwords - Store the passwords encrypted in the database??? Read
DES encrypted passwords?

2. Restrict Account Deleting - To whome? Everyone? If this is checked, does
it mean that NO one can delete accountes?

3. Restrict Account Changing - Same as above....

4. Random Passwords - Alright.. I've got a length, how to I tell the software
to GENERATE a password for me?