Re: charges

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 13:35:10 -0800

Erik Lundby wrote:
> If I push the charge button and create a charge such as the prorated amount
> for the rest of the current month, It rounds 10.60 up to 11.

2.0.88 in /emerald/beta should fix this.

> Do I need to run pre invoice charges for charges I make using the charge
> button? I don't think so but am making sure. I have no timed billing.

The renewals will pick up the charges. If you want them on their own
invoice, do an invoice run, BEFORE renewals.

> Since I am switching Billing systems and are goin to run invoices for
> people who have only paid through Feb. 28, I would like to make everybodies
> extend 25 days and bring it down as I run each invoice. SQL?

Update MasterAccounts Sets Extension = 25

> If I set up a charge such as dns registration, Should I include tax in the
> cost?

For now, yes. We are working on adding tax support for charges.

> Is an external basically a report which changes the the field from new to
> current.?

Its not a report. Emerald exports the information to the specified
place (External System) and then updates the accounts to reflect that
(Current/Not New).

> If you wish to stop an account until a bad check is taken care of do you
> just mark it inactive or is there a better way?

Inactive would be fine. The time is NOT re-added, though. If they
expire 4/1/97, and you inactivate them for a wekk, their expire will
still be 4/1/97 when you re-activate them.

> Which of the CC programs you support do you reccomend dale? Cost vs. Performance.

At this point I am not sure. SD was my choice, but they are not
currently CPS certified (last I heard) and you need that after March 1.

> Will you support Automatic Funds Transfer? If so when, I would like to implement this as soon as possible.

We are looking into it, and I have talked to some users
about it. We have no time frame, though.

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