.75 install problems

Jeff Woods ( jeff@delta.com )
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 17:05:56 -0500

I just installed 0.75 as an upgrade to 0.52.

Now when running Emerald I get:

Region Types Table Empty (click OK)
Account Type Table Empty (click OK)
Discounts Type Table Empty
Pay Methods Table Empty
Pay Periods Table Empty

Then it lets me in. (If I look in EmerAdmin, these tables are NOT empty!)

When I edit an MBR, I am told things like "previous region not available
for this group" and "previous pay period not available for this group".

If I click "OK" after any edit changes, I get a run-time error sometimes.

I saw something about this once, but didn't save it -- and now I can't find
the archives (last update on Dale's machine -- April 1996!)

What's up?