Re: New Version of Serv-U

John C. Lange, Sr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 12:30:19 -0600

Serv-U 2.2 works great, I stumbled on it today. The newest su_emer.dll
works great too!

For the guy who was having trouble auth'ing his users, I found that it
has a very difficult time with DIR's with uppercase letters in them.
Set Emerald path and dir Name to all lower case letters.

JOhn :}

Ryan Smith wrote:
> Just to let everyone know who for some reason didn't receive Rob's e-mail
> directly, version 2.2 of Serv-U is now publicly available.. It's nice, they
> moved it down into the SysTray, which is the thing allot of people have
> been wanting.. Oddly enough, I was getting error messages when Serv-U 2.1
> attempted to run the Emerald Auth for Serv-U (yes, even the latest and
> greatest from a few days ago) and oddly enough, when I upgraded to Serv-U
> 2.2, the Emerald Auth works like a champ! Wow! I'm impressed.. So, for all
> of you who are having problems with Serv-U still, trying upgrading to the
> 2.2 release!
> Ryan Smith
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JOhn :}

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