Serv-U Denies users L I S T functions

Franco Nogarin ( )
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 15:49:52 -0700

Ok, here is direct excerpt from my ftp client log trying to get in as a
user who has had their web site up and running and sometimes has web access
through my ftp server:

220 Welcome to the AuroraNet FTP Server. This server is For Anonymous
connections to the AuroraNet and
private connections to web directories.
USER lutman
331 User name OK, send password
PASS (hidden)
230 User LUTMAN logged in
257 "//vader/users/lutman" is working directory
Host type (I): Serv-U
PORT 199,247,67,135,6,35
200 PORT Command OK
550 Access denied
! DoDirList failed 0

They are starting to complain bitterly. Any Ideas why this would occur? I
have not made any major changes to this server and no minor ones that would
directly upset my FTP/WWW balance......

Franco Nogarin

Running Serve-U 2.1 registered on NT 4.0 sp2
with su_emer.dll dates from (2/2/97)
accessing with WS FTP (however I think thats irrelevant)