FW: Print Out all accounts and sub accounts

Erik Lundby ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 18:08:50 -0600

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The new list has a limit of like 10k. Anyone posting 10k to the list,
having painful wrists. Its EXPLIVITLY that way to prevent attachments.
Upload the reports to /incoming on the ftp site, and I'll move it to
/emerald/contrib (either mention it in mail or on the list that you put
it up
there). I want to keep this organized so we don't get "can you send
again" requests which just clutter the list.

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OK. I uploaded the file to inbound. The formulas seem to work although it would have been easier with if-then logic than the way I did it.

Cost =

{SubAccounts.Active} * ({SubAccounts.DiffCost} * {SubAccounts.Cost}+(1-{SubAccounts.DiffCost}) * ({AccountTypes.Cost} * {Discounts.Percent} * .01 *(1-({AccountTypes.ApplyDiscount}*(1- ({PayPeriods.Percent}*.01))))))

This takes everything into effect but tax, right?

I wanted to see gross monthly billables so i didn't include tax.

If anyone see's any glaring mistakes with the report please tell me.[Erik]

P.S. If I sent this message already, please tell me, I never saw it show up.