Re: Tracking WAN usage in Traffic Tables

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 14:57:02 -0800

Currently we do not intend to provide a full soltuion to LAN traffic
billing, since there is no standard or way to accopmlish
this easily. Peter Sang wrote a program to go in an pull the traffic
information from a Cisco router with accounting enabled and populate
a table on the SQL Server. We met him half way by adding the support
for his structures and working with him to find a happy medium
in the Emerald layout and what he is trying to accomplish.

I have *NO IDEA* how to do this with an IRX. Yes we have one,
and last I looked you couldn't reset the counters (like you can
with a Cisco) so it would be pretty tough to have anything
usefull. I am not shunning you off, I am just saying that we
do not support the FULL solution. If you want to get data
into the database, however you want, we'll add the billing based
on the data. We simply don't have the resources to search
for a solution in this area. :(

Franco Nogarin wrote:
> Sorry Dale, that was meant to be light humor, but seriously, no. Peter Sang
> is not the only one out there who needs to track Lan based traffic with
> emerald. I am faced with a situation where I have a RadioCard WAN on a
> ferquency of 902 Mhz, this WAN simply requires for a client to have an
> antenna and a card and bingo they have 2 Mbits per second access to an
> internet provider, no digital modems no private line nothing, but it is a
> tracking nightmare. How do I bill? I cant. So I bill a current flat rate
> based on suspected use. If I were to track the traffic by IP in emerald, I
> could bill the flate rate plus megabyte usage. I have a livingston IRX
> router, in the box, sitting here waiting for me to come up with a solution.
> I wish to use the router and emerald to track just the RadioWan Traffic. I
> think that peter and I are the only two who are intrested, at least he is
> the only other one I have ever had communications with (besides you) about
> tracking lan usage. Sorry If I beat on you at a bad time, let me rephrase
> that, Consider me waving like an idiot, hoping that a breifly mention
> possibility for tracking might actually be a reality, I dont expect it
> would be a priorty with only 2 people on the list even intrested, but if
> the backbone is there and not in use, I considered experimenting myself,
> but of course I have no Idea what your plans are for it so I was not to
> quick to mess around, not enjoying the last time I had to undo my
> experiments because a table became active.

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