Re: Case Insensitive

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 03:16:52 -0800

John C. Lange, Sr. wrote:
> HI Dale & All
> First, My new key arrived & worked great the first time, I hope my
> payment will help support, what is turning into a great product. Kudo's
> Dale, staff, alpha, & beta testers.


> Now, It appears that Radius/Emerald in standard mode (text file) is
> properly filtering Case Sensitive usernames & passwords, BUT, (everyone
> has a but), ODBC mode is NOT keeping users out with the wrong case in
> there username OR password.
> Am I using Radius wrong, wrong version, wrong command line, or is it a
> known bug?

Testing 1.16.60, the username is not case sensitive in ODBC mode,
but the password is (the switch controls the password). This is
an easy correction. I do agree with Peter on the usefullness on it.

What would you prefer, or are you just reporting a possible bug?

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