Re: mail in 2.075

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 01:09:51 -0800

Jeff Presley wrote:
> On 20 Feb 97 at 17:02, Pat Augustine wrote:
> > We upgraded to 2.075 (again) today, and updated all the SQL files and
> > stuff so that it works now.
> >
> > However, when I try to export changed accounts so I can create email for
> > new users as I've been doing for some time, I get an error message:
> > A little dialog box comes up with SQL Exec Failed, and the SQL statement
> > appears at the bottom of the Emerald screen.
> > Clicking ok brings up a new dialog box: Invalid "Masterlog=" entry in
> > Emerald.INI [exports].
> Shame on that error msg. Needs to catch up to the rest of the code.
> ;-)

Its gone as of 2.0.84 (in the /emerald/beta directory).

> > Well, ok, but there is not an EMERALD.INI any more and I can't find a
> > Masterlog key in the Registry, so we can't do External->Changed Accounts at
> > all any more. Any ideas how to fix this? I hate to give up the ability to
> > easily create mail accounts for our new users!
> Close. It needs to be
> Hkey_Current_User,Software,IEA,Emerald,Exports
> add ChangedFile and MasterLog keys and settings referencing your host system.

2.0.86 correctly handles both New and Changed accounts correctly,
to your External Systems. The above registry entry is no longer used or
relevant (can you say finally? <BIG GRIN> ).

Just make sure you configure you External Systems and specify
them for the services you want synced (both in Emerald Admin).

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