Re: Print Out all accounts and sub accounts

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 00:30:10 -0800

Erik Lundby wrote:
> Ok, This report will print out each account and them itemize each service
> along with the cost of the service, and the total for all services. And
> the total for all accounts. It shows $0.00 for inactive accounts. Should
> it or should I have included inactive services in my totals? not really
> sure. The formula for cost seems to work right. What I can't seem to
> figure out is to make sure mbrs aren't split between pages. How do I keep
> a page break from occuring at certain places? Does anyone see any glaring
> mistakes with this?

Select "Keep section together" and it won't do the page break stuff.

> [Erik] I guess this was just to long. the report was only 15k so I thougt
> I could include it but there must be a maximum size. If someone want's the
> report or is willing to see if they can figure out how to get spacing
> right, I will mail it to them.

The new list has a limit of like 10k. Anyone posting 10k to the list,
having painful wrists. Its EXPLIVITLY that way to prevent attachments.
Upload the reports to /incoming on the ftp site, and I'll move it to
/emerald/contrib (either mention it in mail or on the list that you put
it up
there). I want to keep this organized so we don't get "can you send
again" requests which just clutter the list.

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