Re: mail in 2.075

Jeff Presley ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 17:12:48 -0800

On 20 Feb 97 at 17:02, Pat Augustine wrote:

> We upgraded to 2.075 (again) today, and updated all the SQL files and
> stuff so that it works now.
> However, when I try to export changed accounts so I can create email for
> new users as I've been doing for some time, I get an error message:
> A little dialog box comes up with SQL Exec Failed, and the SQL statement
> appears at the bottom of the Emerald screen.
> Clicking ok brings up a new dialog box: Invalid "Masterlog=" entry in
> Emerald.INI [exports].

Shame on that error msg. Needs to catch up to the rest of the code.

> Well, ok, but there is not an EMERALD.INI any more and I can't find a
> Masterlog key in the Registry, so we can't do External->Changed Accounts at
> all any more. Any ideas how to fix this? I hate to give up the ability to
> easily create mail accounts for our new users!

Close. It needs to be
add ChangedFile and MasterLog keys and settings referencing your host system.

> SQL statement, in case you need it:
> SELECT sa.Login, ma.Region, sa.Password, sa.Shell, sa.FirstName,
> sa.LastName, ma.maExpireDate, ma.Extension, sa.saExpireDate,
> sa.Extension, ns.Map, sa.AccountType, sa.Email, d.MailDomain,
> at.ExternalSystemID From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa,
> NetSoftwares ns, Groups g, Domains d, AccountTypes at Where
> ma.CustomerID = sa.CustomerID AND sa.NetSoftware=ns.NetSoftware AND
> at.AccountType = sa.AccountType AND ma.maExpireDate Is Not Null AND
> sa.Login <> '' AND (sa.saNew=1 OR ma.maNew=1) AND
> sa.Active<>0 AND ma.Active<>0 AND ma.GroupID=g.GroupID and
> g.DomainID=d.DomainID AND maExpireDate >= '2/20/97' Order by
> at.ExternalSystemID
> Pat Augustine
> Interlink America

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