Re: Posting payments

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 12:47:36 -0800

Daniel Wood wrote:
> I was reading the doc on the emerald web site. It says the when
> you post a first payment for a new user the expire date is set
> based on pay period. I am finding that the paidthru gets update
> based on the expire date and not the paidthru date. This means
> that each month the it adds an extra 15 days to the paidthru
> date. Also the docs said that the extend would be cleared but
> mine is never cleared.

When an account is created, its ExpireDate is set to x days (which
is confgiurable in the Admin) from today. That amount of times is
FREE. We have added the additional ability in 2.0.80+ to allow you
to also specify a default EXTEND. These are two different things.

The default expire is never recovered. Its grace period to get the
user up and running. This is currently what you are seeing. It ONLY
happens once.

The default extend, is to allow x days INTO their unpaid billing cycle
for them to get their payment in. You can extend accounts at any point
by changing this value. The extend IS cleared when a payment is
received for the account (therefore its only a one time, temporary)

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