Re: HHHEEELLLPPP & much needed enhancments!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 22:47:17 -0800

John C. Lange, Sr. wrote:
> HI Dale
> Followed Your instructions after Nukeing Emerald. Even Nuked SQL &
> Started over with a clean slate. Everything Works Great!!!!!
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> BUT, Yes everyone has a but, I can't find the beta Key you gave me. I
> have it somewhere, but still can't find it. Will Emerald run untill My
> Registered Key get here?

Yes. You have 45 days of data you can put in there. This doesn't
mean you
can run it for 45 days, though (suttle difference).

> Now, on to Enhancements:
> While setting Charge Types, I noticed NO TAX Field.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I'll see about adding one.

> We charge Sales Tax on everything. Also need to break Sales Tax down
> into State & Local Tax if possible. (Someday even Federal Tax). Need a
> Report for this Too broken down by State & County!

Typically you can break it down just by knowing the tax itself,

Federal: 2.3%
State: 5.3%
County: 1.3%

For 8.9%.

> Also In Admin .74, the UNC for report location did NOT save.

This is fixed in the upcoming release.

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