RE: [Emerald] URGENT: Concurrent connections

Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 08:25:11 +1000

Yes we are using the MAX6000 and the shared profile was the problem.
Thank you all very much, it was driving me nuts.
It is working fine now and we got it working 10mins before it was going = about cutting it fine.

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Sent: Wednesday, 18 September 2002 3:15 AM
Subject: RE: [Emerald] URGENT: Concurrent connections

> We have recently upgraded from Emerald3/RNT2.5 to Emerald
> 4.0/RadiusNT3 using SQL7 on NT4
> We need to have a single username to be able to dial up 10 times
> concurrently
> We cannot setup individual logins as it needs to be hard coded
> into their software.
> We cannot get more than one connection, when the second person
> tries to dialin they get kicked and we see a Lan security error.
> How do we allow more than one connection concurrently ?
> I searched the archives, but there is only reference to old versions.
> Please help, the system is going live tomorrow and I must have it =
> I have checked for the "concurrency control" setting but there is =
> I have set the "login limit" to 5/10/100 it makes no difference.