RE: [Emerald]

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 14:26:29 -0700

> Just one note here.....
> We have been running the just as Dale mentioned,
> and it works
> great! The only gotchas are that you will need to specify with
> what your referring url is (added layer of
> security), and that

Thats not correct. Referring URLs are only used for WebLink authorizations
(ie, you link to from your website and it pushes the results
back to your web server after authorizing it). Weblinks don't have your
merchant password in them, and is what caused the problem with them in
the first place. Referral URLs prevent someone except yourself, from
making a weblink with your account.

Emerald uses the ADC Direct Response method to talk to
directly over a HTTPS session. Username and password are always
required with this method and there is not a referring URL or user web
session involved (ie, therefore you can't specify one).

Out of curiosity, what did you put for your referring URL? The
IP of your Emerald system?



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