[Emerald] Radius login to database

David Routh ( drouth@davlin.net )
Mon, 02 Sep 2002 16:19:55 -0500


I was planning on putting a new server online so, I did a backup of the
Emerald database (Enterprise Manager=Emerald Database=Backup... I backed it
up to a file) and restored it on the new server. This is Emerald 2.5 on
SQL 7.

No problems so far... I can login to the database on the new server and see
all the accounts, etc.

However, when I try to add the "Radius" login/user (for Radius to access
the database) it tells me that the login/user aready exists. Only problem
is that it doesn't show up on either the "Logins" (under Security) or in
the "Users" in the Emerald database.

Of course, I can't create the ODBC for Radius either, as the Login/user has
to be there first... When I went to create that, I realized the problem.

Any ideas/thoughts on what I'm missing?



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