RE: [Emerald]SNMP Concurency Check

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 11:13:46 -0700

> We are running Using Emerald 4.5 as the Radius and Billing
> Solution. We are
> using Microsoft Windows 2000 running the RRAS for VPN (PPTP) Coonections
> authenticating via the Radius. The problem is we want to enable the SNMP
> Concurrency Check for the same, but are unable to find the SNMP OID's for
> the Win2k RRAS.

There is an SNMP -> Perfmon utility that allows you to get to information
that Performance Monitor can get to. I don't know if it will get you the
actually names, though. You would have to use that utility to setup
SNMP OIDs for the RRAS Perf mon objects.



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