RE: [Emerald] Re-send invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 15:50:49 -0700

> Invoices.. Invoices have the detail of what the charges are for,
> statements do not. Most customers want an Invoice to show them exactly
> what each charge is, not just a total.

Have you looked at the statement? The statement has a summary of all
invoice activity, and includes all details that all invoices have
since the last statement.

> Normal proceedure for the business world is to provide an invoice for
> each service or goods purchased, then provide a statement once a month
> for those accounts that have a credit line.. My customers do not have a
> credit line, they pay for their services in advance.

So you are actually sending them a renewal notice, not even an invoice.
Because you haven't actually delivered services and they have actually
bought services from you, you can't really call it an invoice. :) Phone,
Water, Power, Garbage, Cable, etc don't send invoices. They send you
a statement. However most do give you the service whether you pay for it
or not (with a credit limit).

> IF I ever get to the point that I want to send statements, I will have
> several thousand that I do NOT want to send.. So can I just populate the
> Sentdate with a query like this...
> UPDATE Statements
> SET sentdate = statementdate
> WHERE (SentDate IS NULL)




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