[Emerald] Emerald V4 and Post.Office V3.5.3

Ronnie Franklin ( (no email) )
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 22:35:02 -0500

I recently converted to Emerald version 4, after using 2.x and
Post.Office for over 5 years... V4 documentation states that V4 supports
creation of Post.Office Email accounts, which is what 2.x did...

However, after using V4 for a couple of days we found that V4 was NOT
creating the Post.Office accounts. At this point in time, Emerald
support is stating that "V4 does NOT support Post.Office" even though
the latests docs state they do!

I do have a new Email system that I am in the process of implementing,
but unfortunally am not ready to do that right this moment.

Anyone out there get V4 to work with Post.Office, or even how do you
create an external so that it can export a text file to be used with the
Post.Office command line utilities to create accounts?




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