[Emerald] 2.5 and USR Total Control

Adam Fuhriman ( adam@odysseycomputer.com )
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 13:10:06 -0600

Fellow Emerald Users,

We are having a problem where the "Online Users" function in Emerald is
showing "0" users online. We have a USR Total Control Ras box, and we are
using the Radius NT product. We have had Emerald running for over a year in
the same configuration, with no problems. This issue sprang up a couple of
months ago.

How we fixed it a couple of months ago, was to run an "update ports" SQL
script that made sure the ports on the USR were the same as what was in the
database. This worked for awhile, but it doesn't fix it now.

Users can logon o.k., and the USR is showing the proper people online, but
Emerald is not showing anything.

Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Adam Fuhriman

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