[Emerald] FW: Emerald 4.2.1

Ronnie Franklin ( (no email) )
Sun, 11 Aug 2002 22:17:17 -0500

Sorry for the previous post.. Hit enter too quick!!

Several problems I have noted:

1. When voiding an invoice the system does NOT change the "Billed
Thru" date in the service. You must manually change each and every
service's "Billed Thru" date after you void invoice... Is this just a
carry over of the 2.5 Invoices.. i.e. when voiding an invoice that was
created by 4.x will the dates be properly changed?

2. When does the Service "Status" change from "changed" to

3. Why does changing the MBR Default Pay Period not change the
services pay period?

When are the following going to be fixed for 4.2.1?

Emerald 4.2.1 known anomnolies:

1. CC Reject reciept does not send a receipt telling the client the
card was declined.
2. ACH reject send a message indicating a payment was processed,
not that it was declined.


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