[RadiusNT] RadiusNT proxy and MSSQL7 code page 1251 (cyrillic)

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Jivko Jekov (jivko@bitex.com)
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 11:32:44 +0200

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From: "Jivko Jekov" <jivko@bitex.com>
Subject: [RadiusNT] RadiusNT proxy and MSSQL7 code page 1251 (cyrillic)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 11:32:44 +0200

We currently use Emerald 2.5.339, RadiusNT 2.5.212, RadAdmin 2.5.267, MSSQL7 SP2 ( code page 1251 (cyrillic)), Windows NT 4 SP6. I have the following problem. I want to use proxy and roaming and I click on the check box in RadAdmin on User Proxy (or Server Proxy). When start RadiusNT then appears Dr. Watson and terminates application. When run RadiusNT in debug mode -x15 Dr. Watson appears in the
following row:
C:\radius>radius -x15
RadiusNT 2.5.212 Copyright (c) 1995-2000 IEA Software, Inc.
                        All Rights Reserved, Worldwide

 0) IgnoreCase: 0
 1) TrimName: 3
 2) AuthPort: 1645
 3) ReqAcctAuth: 0
 4) AllowMalformed: 1
 5) AcctPort: 1646
 6) Mode: 1
 7) Proxy: 3
 8) Options: 325
 9) Debug: 4
 10) LogFile:
 11) AcctLogFile:
 12) ODBCDatasource: Emerald
 13) Username: sa
 14) Password: *********
 15) AcctODBCDatasource:
 16) AcctUsername:
 17) AcctPassword:
 18) DataDirectory:
 19) AcctDirectory:
 20) UsersFile: Users
 21) CompanyName:
 22) License:
 23) IPAddress: All
 24) SNMP: 0
 25) TestDatabaseSecs:

 Param: Debug Level: 15
 Initializing Winsock...
 ODBC Datasource: 'Emerald'...
 Making ODBC Connection...
 MS SQL Server Mode Enabled
 ODBC Datasource: 'Emerald'...
 Making ODBC Connection...
 MS SQL Server Mode Enabled
 Licensed MBRs: 3000

  SQL Statement: Select Name, RadAttributeID, Type, RadVendorID,
adVendorType From RadAttributes Order By RadVendorID, RadAttributeID DESC

  SQL Statement: Select ra.Name, rv.Name, rv.Value, rv.RadVendorID,
v.RadVendorT ype From RadValues rv, RadAttributes ra Where rv.RadAttributeID =
a.RadAttributeID and rv.RadVendorID = ra.RadVendorID and rv.RadVendorType =
a.RadVendorType Order By rv.RadVendorID, rv.RadAttributeID DESC

   Dictionary: Vendors: 7 Attributes:367 Values: 375

  SQL Statement: Select Server, IPAddress, Secret, RadRoamServerID From

  1 Clients Loaded
  19 Accounting Columns Loaded

  SQL Statement: Select Server, IPAddress, Secret From RadRoamServers Where
RadRoamServerID > 0

  1 Proxy Servers Loaded


The problem is when execute RadUserDefaults procedure.I run MS SQL Profiler and debug slq request from RadiusNT. RadiusNT crashed when execute RadUserDefaults procedure. RadiusNT does't make request to any GetUserDefaults procedure. I send you contents of my RadUserDefaults procedure.

 SELECT rc.AccountType, ra.RadAttributeID, ra.Type, rc.Data, rc.Value,
 rc.RadVendorID, rc.RadVendorType, rc.RadCheck
 From RadAttributes ra, RadATConfigs rc
 Where ra.RadAttributeID = rc.RadAttributeID
 AND ra.RadVendorID = rc.RadVendorID
 AND ra.RadVendorType = rc.RadVendorType
 Order By AccountType, RadCheck, ra.RadAttributeID

 I edit RadUserDefaults procedure and when remove from select statement
 rc.RadCheck field RadiusNT work.

I discovered that the problem is when I use MSSQL7 with coding page 1251 Cyrillic. With that coding page
radiusnt 2.5.212(214,217) not work in roaming and proxy state. Dr. Whatson appear and terminate RadiusNT. When I change 1251 with Default coding page 1252 it work!

Please tell me can i resolve that problem?

Thank you in advance

 J. Jekov

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