RE: [Emerald] snmp concurrency checker question

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Sat, 6 Jan 2001 14:26:51 +0800

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Subject: RE: [Emerald] snmp concurrency checker question
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 14:26:51 +0800 

thanks for the suggestion. I dont quite know how i can specify the path to
the radntmib.dll from radius NT admin, so i followed your advice and put
this file in both the winnt and the winnt/system32. directories.

will wait and see what happens.

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Subject: Re: [Emerald] snmp concurrency checker question

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> hi everyone, i would like to share my experience with the snmp concurrency
> checker. I have enabled it in my radius and in the command prompt, radius
> -x15 i can verify that it is working as planned.
> However, when i exit from the command prompt, and run the radius (as a
> service) in my win nt 4.0 sp 6a, the concurrency doesnt seem to be
> users that are logged out, but are still listed as online,
> not able to log in.
> Could this be because the service was installed prior to my activating the
> snmp concurrency in the radadmin? I have now removed the service and
> re-installed it again in the hopes that this will solve the issue.

Either specify the path location for radntmib.dll in the RadiusNT Admin or
stick that file in the \winnt or \winnt\system32
directory and I think that'll take care of the problem. You'll have to
restart the RadiusNT service.



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