[NTISP] Post.Office failure

Greg White ( GWhite@bctelco.com )
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 08:42:48 -0700

We are running Post.Office version 3.5.3 build 223 on an NT4 SP6a system.
About once every week and a half, mail services stop responding and the
server must be rebooted. When this happens numerous error messages are
output to the screen stating that the "initialization of the dynamic link
library C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\User32.dll failed...". There are error messages
like this for SMTP-Accept, POP3-Server, and SMTP-Deliver.

We have been monitoring the server with Perfmon, and when this happens,
there doesn't seem to be any heavy processor, disk, or memory usage.
However, the failure almost always happens during busier traffic times,
leading me to believe it is in some way load-related.

We have about 1000 accounts on the system. Any thoughts? Is anyone else
encountering this problem?

Thank you,

Greg White
Network Administrator
BCT Online

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