[NTISP] Windows 2000 RRAS

Glen Harvy ( glen@aquarius.com.au )
Thu, 08 Jun 2000 09:38:33 +1000


I'm using RadiusNT with the above and note two major problem areas:

1. Acct-Input-Octets and Acct-Output-Octets information is not being passed
to RadiusNT
2. FramedIPAddress (or at least a dynamically assigned IP address) is not
being assigned to Multilink customers.

The Windows Support site acknowledges both the above are bugs but were
fixed in a Hotfix released some time ago for WinNT 4.0.

I can't find if they were "fixed" in the Win2000 Server edition nor can I
now locate the Hotfix.

Has anyone else fixed this problem?

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