[RadiusNT] Access to SQL (error when adding user account)

Steven E.Greenwalt Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 17:10:56 -0500

Back Ground:
Radius 3.0.175
SQL 6.5
The Access database came from radius 3.0
The users that I had in the original database can login, thorough SQL

What I am trying to do is move my access data into SQL. That went will.
But when I try to add a user through the SQL database I get this error.
(The column CustomerID in table dbo.billing may not be null (#233))

It does show to be link in the relationship for the data to be added to
the billing table.

I am filling in the Blank for billing.

Has any one done what I am trying to do, and did you run into this

Thank You

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