[RadiusNT] "no attributes" error

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 11:23:29 -0400

I have two AccountTypes set up in Emerald that have the exact same radius
attributes configured for each one in RadiusNT Admin, but when someone dials
up, one of the two account types results with a connection failure. The
error that's logged is "no attributes". This would make sense to me if
there were no radius default configured for that account type, but there
are. Any idea what would cause this?

The two account types that I'm comparing are listed below.
The ISDN one is configured to allow analog modems to dial in as well as
ISDN. There are no connection problems here. If I change the customer's
account type to the DSL one (keeping in mind they share identical default
attributes for the time being), the "no attributes" error comes up.

Here's what I have in the RadConfigs table for each:

RadATConfigID AccountType RadAttributeID Data Value
------------- -------------------- -------------- ------------ -----
200 ISDN DialUp 128 6 Framed-User 2
201 ISDN DialUp 128 7 PPP 1
202 ISDN DialUp 128 27 25200 25200
203 ISDN DialUp 128 28 1200 1200
204 ISDN DialUp 128 244 1200 1200
238 DSL Res. 512/128k 6 Framed-User 2
239 DSL Res. 512/128k 7 PPP 1
240 DSL Res. 512/128k 27 25200 25200
241 DSL Res. 512/128k 28 1200 1200
242 DSL Res. 512/128k 244 1200 1200

RadVendorID, RadVendorType, and RadCheck are set to zero for all of the
above rows.

Obviously, I don't intend on keeping some of those records for DSL service,
but at the moment, the customer should be able to dial-up with a regular
modem and can't do it. Why?

Emerald 2.5.337
RadiusNT 2.5.213
SQL Server 7.0 SP2


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