[RadiusNT] What's Up Gold problem Fixed

Jamie Easterman ( webmaster@londonweb.net )
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 20:33:16 +0100

I have followed all the posts on WhatsUp Gold monitoring Radius. None of
the described methods seemed to work.

We have tried Dale's last post and that didn't seem to work either. Though
we did find a variation that does work now. This test is checking whether
the user "TEST" exists on the system and is authorised to log on. (We have
this set to a dial-back account)

Inside WUG 5.0 define a custom service as follows:-

Name: Radius Service
Port = 1645
Send Command = %01D%00,0123456789012345%01%06TEST%02%18abcdefghijklmnop
Expected Response = %02D

This is now working and Radius is showing UP.

Best Wishes

Jamie Easterman

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