Re: [RadiusNT] callsonline question

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 11:33:42 -0700

Jim Whaley wrote:
> Hello. I'm using Radius NT 2.5.175 with MS SQL Server.
> I've seen an occurence for quite awhile now where a user dials in but gets
> disconnected within one minute of being connected.
> The problem is that when this happens, they show up in calls online, but
> calls online doesn't seem to get updated again when they get bounced off!
> --------
> This is my calls_insert trigger:
> CREATE TRIGGER calls_insert ON Calls FOR INSERT AS UPDATE ServerPorts
> Set ServerPorts.NasPortDNIS=i.NASPortDNIS,Serverports.UserName =
> i.UserName,serverports.AcctStatusType = i.AcctStatusType,
> serverports.CallDate = DateAdd(Second, 0-i.AcctDelayTime,
> i.CallDate),serverports.FramedAddress =
> i.FramedAddress,serverports.CallerID=i.CallerID
> FROM Servers, ServerPorts, inserted i WHERE servers.IPAddress =
> i.NASIdentifier AND servers.ServerID = serverports.ServerID AND
> serverports.Port = i.NASPort AND
> (DateAdd(Second, 0-i.AcctDelayTime, i.CallDate) >= serverports.CallDate OR
> serverports.CallDate IS NULL)
> ---------
> We have concurrency turned on, so when this happens, the user is unable to
> log in until we manually clear him out of callsonine.
> I can't see any reason why this happens. Does anyone have an idea on how I
> could fix this problem?

Change the

> (DateAdd(Second, 0-i.AcctDelayTime, i.CallDate) >= serverports.CallDate OR


> (DateAdd(Second, 60-i.AcctDelayTime, i.CallDate) >= serverports.CallDate OR

The date stamp is in minutes, so this will prevent the same minute
issue you are referring about. This check prevent backlogged accounting
records (ie, AcctDelayTime>0) to overwrite current ones.


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