[RadiusNT] Proxy RADIUS HELP!

Beachlink Administrator ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 15:06:13 -0400


How can I tell if RADIUSNT (version 2.5.206) is actually sending to a
client's RADIUS server (in a proxy setup)? I think I've got everything setup
correctly, but when I try to authenticate I get errors which lead me to
believe RADIUS isn't querying the client's RADIUS, but instead it is
querying our RADIUSNT server.

I have placed the client's RADIUS server IP address and shared secret in
EmeraldAdmin's Roam Servers table (Strip Domain and Treat As Local are
unchecked), and added their domain to Roam Domains, which points to the
corresponding Roam Server entry.

Here's the output from -x15 debug (I have changed the username, password and
NAS IP address):

radrecv: Request from host cdf47915 code=1, id=221, length=205
User-Name = "testaccount@domain.com"
Password = "<removed for privacy>"
NAS-Identifier = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
NAS-Port = 1321
Acct-Session-Id = "testaccount@domain.com1"
Interface_Index = 0
Received unknown attribute 39049, vendor 429
User-Service = Login-User
Chasis-Call-Slot = 56
Chasis-Call-Span = 1
Chasis-Call-Channel = 1
Connect-Speed = 300
Caller-Id = ""
NAS-Port-DNIS = ""
NAS-Port-Type = Virtual

SQL Statement: Select DateDiff(Minute, GetDate(), DateAdd(Day,
..OverDue+1), maExpireDate)), DateDiff(Minute, GetDate(), DateAdd(Day,
on+1, saExpireDate)), sa.AccountID, sa.AccountType, sa.Password, sa.Login,
ell, sa.LoginLimit, ma.Balance, ma.OverLimit From MasterAccounts ma,
sa Where sa.Login='testaccount@domain.com' AND
and sa.Active<>0 and ma.Active<>0

Sending Reject of id 221 to cdf47915 (MainPOP)

SQL Statement: INSERT INTO RadLogs(RadLogMsgID, LogDate, Username, Data,
ntifier, NASPort, CallerID) VALUES (10, GetDate(),
'<removed for privacy>', 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx', 1321, '')

User: testaccount@domain.com Not found
Resp Time: 47 Auth: 14/2 -> 16 Acct: 21/0/1 -> 22

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