[RadiusNT] radius 3.0.173 bug?

Thu, 6 Jul 2000 12:21:04 +0800

Hi, this is just an observation and a query as to normal behavior.

We have been running radius 3.0.173 on an NT machine(sp 6a). This machine
also has site server 3.0 loaded with the service pack. After some time, the
cpu usage shoots up, due to the tmlbsvc (site server list builder). This
causes the system to have a memory leak, and eventually the system will die.

when i reboot the system and then disable the site server list builder, the
radius.exe is the one that is now consuming a lot of cpu and memory! I then
stop the service and ran the radius -x15 in debug mode. I am surprised to
see a whole lot of transactions going thru the screen. There are no log ins
at this time. I see a lot of 'proxy state' messages.

Why is this? and what should i do?

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