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We have a "Business" account and it is good from 8am to 5pm, Monday thru
Friday. We use SQL queries that turn these accounts on Monday at 8am then
off at 5pm and so forth until Friday at 5pm it turns these accounts off
until the Monday morning 8am query runs again. This is not an ultimate
solution but in conjunction with the Perl script you should be Golden.

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If I understand this correctly, the poster wants to automatically log people
out either at a specified time, or after a certain period of time.

For logging people out after a period of time, why not just set the
Session-Timeout during the authorization phase.

For periodically going through the ServerPorts table and logging people out
based on specific criteria (including a particular time of day), you can
easily use Perl for this. Get the SNMP and DBI modules, then write your
script to loop through the table and send an SNMP disconnect request to your
NAS where necessary. Shouldn't be that difficult to implement.

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