[RadiusNT] Question on controlling attributes at the radius proxy?

Wed, 31 May 2000 13:34:50 -0400

Were there any enhancements done in 3.0 for controlling attributes from the
proxy server. Currently with 2.5.xxx you can specify an Account Type for a
realm and send the attributes I what to send. I would like the ability to allow
my customer to pass attributes also. For example, I would like to control
certain NAS specific attributes but also allow the customer to pass other
attribute settings like session time-outs and idle time-outs.

As a wholesale internet provider, it would be extremely useful to control
attributes at the proxy server.

The types of control that would be useful:
1. Block an attribute
2. Pass an attribute
3. Modify an attribute
4. Add an attribute

Anything like this coming down the pike?

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