Re: [Emerald] Texas Sales tax feature

Randy Martin ( )
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 00:42:16 -0500

At 11:34 PM 10/21/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I added some new services and attempted to use the Texas Tax feature... it
>works just fine for a monthly service... but not for greater than monthly
>Service is $44.95 per month, with a floor of $25.00. Emerald figures a tax
>of $1.35 on the $19.95 balance which is correct... tax is 6.75%
>Service @ $44.95 per month, used same tax as above, but setup for annual
>payment. Emerald figured a tax of $34.72. Tax should have only been on
>$239.40 of the invoice.. $239.40 * .0675 = $16.16
>What it is doing is figuring tax on the total yearly amount - only $25.00
>Using Emerald 3.37

I had the same problem with 3.37. This problem is supposed to be fixed in
3.39, however there are so many other problems with 3.39 that I've not
switched over to using it yet.


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