Re: [Emerald] Issues with 2.5.339
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 03:12:24 GMT

Good question.

I have about 10 invoices with this problem.

I use sql script to look for open invoices with same maexpiredate and
billedthru date. While this doesn't catch everything, I don't want to be
bothered with this problem and I am using older version now.

On some invoices, .339 creates another invoice on top of the current
invoice and changes the maexpiredate to the same as BilledThru date
eventhough we haven't paid the invoice yet.

Can you say "FREE SERVICE"?


Can somebody show me how I can hack Emerald so that I can use RadiusNT 3.0?
I am fed up with RadiusNT 2.5.214 constant crashes and radcheck is no help.

PC Magic

Nelson Valverde writes:

> > Yes, you need to void out that invoice and then redo it.
> What? Void out all open invoices? How do I know the bad ones?
> -Nelson
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