Re: [Emerald] Call Table Updating

Chris A. Christopher ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 12:40:09 -0400

No, I have not tried connecting to the console ports as that is a very good
idea. I have immediate access to most of my equipment so that hasn't been a big

I am using a pm2e with a 5 port BRI card. Have two other pm2e's just like it
that work correctly except for this one. I can kick the user off, point primary
and secondary authentication to emerald, as well as the primary and secondary
accounting, and the calls online doesn't recognize the portmaster. The
accounting data is, however in the MBR Time On table. Very strange. I must have
missed something simple. :)


Josh Hillman wrote:

> Chris,
> I don't know how to answer your question that you sent to the mailing list,
> but I was wondering if you've ever configured your PM2 to connect to other
> devices to act as a gateway to the console menus of those other devices. In
> other words, let's say you have a few Ascend Max units, a few managed hubs,
> switches, etc. all with serial console ports on them. It's a pain to keep
> hooking each of those into a machine's serial port to do things with them,
> but you can plug all of those console connections into the PM2 (in my case a
> PM2e). Now you can access the consoles for each of those other devices
> through the single PM2e. This is handy if there's some kind of network
> problem with one of those other devices (ethernet port fails or something,
> preventing telnet access into it)--the PM2e acts as a backdoor into the
> console ports without having to come to the office and hooking up a laptop
> to them, etc.
> Have you ever done anything like that?
> Josh
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> Subject: [Emerald] Call Table Updating
> > I installed a new PM2 and am having problems with the calls online table
> > updating from this terminal server. The time on is reflected correctly
> > in Emerald but it doesn't show up in the on-line table. Any suggestions?
> > The secrets are correct, all info is pointed to the Emerald machine, the
> > set-up is exactly like my other PM2 boxes.
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> > Thanks,
> > Chris
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