[Emerald] Billing Groups (unchecking Show Global)

Stephen Woodfin ( swoodfin@gogisco.net )
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 11:56:07 -0400

I am trying to set up a new billing group with the show global option
unchecked. When I try to do this I get the following message:

"You can only uncheck the Show Global option for a group that has atleast
one entry for each select list for this group.
There is no entry that is specific to this group."

The problem is I cannot find where I do not have an option for this group,
because I have looked through all of Emerald Admin and created an option
for this billing group under every tab that it is possible to do so. The
other thing is when I left a select list out such as regions (did not create
a region
specific to this billing group), I get the same message but it says "region"
between "There is no" and "entry that is specific to this group." When I go
back and fill in region I get the message again without it telling me what
select list it thinks does not have a entry specific to this billing group.

Has anyone had this problem, and know a possible solution?

Stephen Woodfin
Director Software Development
Geographic Internet Services Co., LLC
135 Park Place
Watertown, NY 13601

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