[Emerald] Rounding Bug Rears its Head Again

Robert Tranter ( emerald@crusoe.net )
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 17:08:03 -0400

Fellow Emerald Users: Below is a report I filed back in February
concerning inconsistencies in the math used in calculating term
discounts. This was subsequently fixed, but has returned in .339. While
the discrepancy is minor, it makes the lifes of my sales and billing
departments a living hell. If you have installed .339 and use term
discounts, beware.

IEA Support: How soon can this issue be resolved?


On Fri, 18 Feb 2000 19:01:46 -0500
Robert C. Tranter <tranter@crusoe.net> wrote:

>I have found another bug that has apparently been introduced in to
>Emerald with the latest client version 2.5.322. The bug involves the
>process by which Emerald is calculating term discounts.
>On the Services tab, the discounted cost per service is calculated by
>the following formula:
> (Service Cost * # of Month in Term) * ( 1.00 - Discount)
> eg ( $25/mo * 12 Months) * .83333 = $250
>This is the way that Emerald has historically calculated discounts
>throughout the system. Unfortunately, that is not the formula that is
>being used when an invoice is generated. The invoice generation process
>uses the following formula.
> (Round(Service Cost * (1.00 - Discount))) * # Months in Term
> eg ( $25/mo * .83333) = 20.83
> 20.83 * 12 = $249.96
>This is really an annoyance, since it is only a few cents, but this
>plays havoc with my account and sales department. At the very least,
>use the same formula. The correct implementation is the first since the
>rounding factor is only applied once.
>Please let me know how this will be addressed as soon as possible. I
>cannot revert back to the prior release of the client since the database
>has changed and there were more serious bugs in that version.
>Robert C. Tranter
>Vice President
>Crusoe Communcations, Inc.

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