[Emerald] Accounting Reports

Mike Hale ( mhale@toua.net )
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 10:37:36 -0700

I need a few reports done. I was thinking about asking Emerald to do them
for me however, I was wondering if anyone has had reports made in the past.
Was it worth it? We could do them ourselves but it really sucks up the
better part of a day since we are not Crystal Report experts, nor are we
accounting experts. Is there a better way to get reports? I just need a
customer by customer account history/activity report and a total revenue
report that easily shows invoices sent out and payments received for any
given payperiod, and one for any given month. I've looked through the ones
that come with Emerald but they just don't cut it.

Michael Hale
Network Technician TOUA.net
phone: 520-383-5849
fax: 520-383-2218
e-mail: mhale@toua.net

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