RE: [Emerald] Clearing out history - pointers?

Bob's Lists ( (no email) )
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 02:38:09 +0300

> Be sure to refresh the sql server screen while its recovering.
> Sometimes it
> will continue to show "recovering" when it is really finished. Just right
> click and select refresh. I once let it run for about 8 hrs when it was
> done in 1.

Hah... I don't believe it I've been staring at this damned thing for an hour
forgetting that event viewer does not update automatically either... oh
well... it *is* 2:30am...

A refresh tells me the dbid recovery is checkpointing every now and again so
it looks like I FINALLY persuaded it to go...

Let's hope I expanded it enough this time... fingers crossed...



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